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sakuragawa_rpg's Journal

Sakuragawa: A geisha and maiko RPG
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A community for role-playing geisha and maiko in modern Japan.


The setting: Sakuragawa, the only surviving hanamachi (geisha district) in an otherwise unknown city. The women who work here are proud of their arts and of the tenacity that has kept their district alive and thriving in the face of encroaching modernization. But it’s not all fun, games, luxurious clothes, and fabulous parties. It’s also hard work, intense competition, and the possibility that a single wrong move could ruin your day -- or your life. Do you have what it takes to make it and become the most popular geisha in the district? Will you make friends or bitter rivals? Even the smallest decision could make or break you…

A game for folks interested in geisha or even just Japanese culture in general. Players are welcome to play any of the many types of people who might turn up in a geisha district, from the geisha and maiko themselves to shop owners, teahouse owners, customers, tourists, or really any other kind of character. This game is set in a modern, fictional geisha district in a modern, fictional city. This is NOT an erotic or adult RPG, and it is NOT based on “Memoirs of a Geisha.” Previous knowledge of geisha/geiko, maiko, or other aspects of Japanese culture is helpful but not required -- if there is something you really need to know, you will probably learn it in the course of game play through your character's interactions with other characters.

As of right now, membership is open but posting is moderated. After you join the community, fill out the application for the kind of character you want (blank applications are posted below) and submit it with your character's name as the subject.

Make sure you visit our Welcome and Directory post for convenient links to more information.


~*~*~*~GAME RULES~*~*~*~

1) You must be 13 or older to play.

2) Treat your other players with respect -- that means no name-calling, god-modding, causing unnecessary drama, and the like.

3) No explicit erotic/adult or violent roleplay is allowed here. Flirting is fine, as is having an argument, but if you feel a need to go further than that take it to an off-board service like AIM or MSN. You can mention what happened in a later post so that the event can have the appropriate impact on game play, but please don't post any details.

4) OOC posts for the purpose of planning play, discussing plot twists, and the like are allowed, but please label and tag them as OOC.

5) When you post, please put your character's name and the location in the subject heading AND in tags. If the location or character you are using aren't in the community's tag list, please let shiori_hime know!

5) The game is based on something that exists in real life and takes place in the modern world. Therefore, I would ask that you keep unusual appearances (e.g. cat ears, wings, purple skin) or supernatural abilities to a minimum.

6) You are welcome to play any kind of character you like: maiko or geiko, okiya mother, ochaya owner, customer, etc. As mentioned above, you will need to join the community and submit a post containing your character application to be approved. Please either PM your application to shiori_hime or post it as a comment to the Character Profiles post.

7) Maiko and geiko characters will transition through a series of set stages meant to mimic the training they would receive in the real world. These stages are: shikomi, minarai, misedashi, maiko, sakkou, erikae, and geiko. A geiko may remain with the okiya, become independent, or retire to become an okiya mother, ochaya owner, teacher, or some other member of the community (or can choose to leave the community entirely). Characters who START as geiko (instead of maiko) will skip the minarai-sakkou stages. Characters who start as MAIKO must actually start as SHIKOMI.

8) For maiko and geiko characters, advancement through the training stages is based on a combination of factors, including number of posts and the judgment of your character's okiya mother. Feel free to discuss your character's progress with whoever plays your character's okiya mother in private OOC discussions.

9) You may make and use character journals if you wish, but they are not required.

10) Just to clarify, since it has come up a couple of times: This RPG is set in the modern era, therefore, it is HIGHLY unlikely that your maiko/geiko character entered the hanamachi in any way before she was 15. It is also highly unlikely that she was sold into the hanamachi. I will ask you to edit any applications that involve maiko characters entering the hanamachi before age 15 or being sold into the hanamachi.

11) Please let me know that you actually read the rules, so I know that all of us are on the same page regarding things like behavior on the forum. To do so, please add the word “ayame” to the appropriate spot on your application!


Character name: (for maiko and geiko, don't choose your own stage name yet! That will be determined as part of play before your character debuts. See the FAQ page for more information)
Sex: (of your character)
Type of Character: (maiko, geiko, customer, ochaya owner, okiya mother, kabuki actor, etc)
Character’s Age: (Ideally will be 15-18 if you want to go through maiko training, 19 or over if you want to be a geiko without maiko training. Characters who are 19 could become maiko or geiko at the discretion of their okiya mother. Other characters can be any age as long as the age is appropriate for their role; e.g. I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many teenagers other than maiko at ozashiki so a teenage customer would be odd).
Preferred Okiya or Ochaya: (for maiko and geiko, tell me which okiya you prefer to join. If a particular okiya has too many members or your character doesn’t seem to fit that okiya, you may not get your first request. Customers should tell me which ochaya they want to be a member of. If you are trying to join an okiya or ochaya not run by one of my NPCs, I’ll pass your application on to the appropriate player after approving it myself)
Character‘s Birthday: (Month and day)
Appearance: (include things like approximate height, build, hair length and color, eye color, and any other important features).
Background/History: (Include things like how your character got here. Maiko and geiko characters might also want to mention a character’s interests and previous training in terms of dancing, musical instruments, kimono-wearing, or other traditional Japanese arts. Previous experience in these areas is not required of characters!)
Other information: (anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories, e.g. likes and dislikes)
Password: (this can be found in the rules! If you don’t have it your application will be returned, and you have to add the password before playing)

If you want to open an OKIYA, I will also need to know -
Okiya family name: (please try to avoid using the name of a real okiya)
Common element in members’ stage names: (please do not choose Yae, Ichi, Ko, or Toshi as those are already in use)
Okiya description:

If you want to open an OCHAYA, I will also need to know -
Ochaya name: (again, please try to avoid using the name of a real ochaya. Ichiriki will not be approved as an ochaya name in this game.)
Ochaya description:

We are particularly in need of folks to play geiko, maiko, and customers. You are also welcome to play pretty much anyone else you can think of (okiya mothers, ochaya owners, teachers, other artists and craftspeople, etc.) but bear in mind that the characters with the most activity will be geiko, maiko, and their customers, followed by okiya mothers. When in doubt, feel free to PM me to discuss a potential character you want to play.

Your current moderator, maintainer, and person in charge of NPCs is shiori_hime.

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