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Sakuragawa: A geisha and maiko RPG
Backstage at the Korumatsu Imperial Theater 
1st-May-2012 01:07 pm

Shido sat in front of his lit mirror backstage at the Korumatsu Imperial Theater.  The backstage area, along with most of the rest of the theater, had recently been refurbished, and the scent of new paint and dust tickled his nose as Shido applied the thick, white makeup to his face.  It was the opening night of "Kagotsurube Sato no Eizame" and while he was not precisely "nervous", Shido was rather tense and focused.  His idol, Bando Tamasaburo, had performed this role to perfection, and Shido was determined to live up to his hero's standard.  

The backstage area was a hive of activity.  This production of "Kagotsurube Sato no Eizame" was rumored to be one of the biggest, costing several million yen.  There were extravagant costumes, lavish scenery, dozens of extras.  Currently, the stage manager was barking orders to the set dressers, and there was the hum of a sewing machine as the tailor finished last-minute alterations.  A gaggle of young boys portraying kamuro trampled by Shido, chaperoned by a harried man carrying an armful of costumes and struggling to keep his charges in line.  

Shido had invited Masuyo and Ryuuki to the performance, complementary tickets waited for them at the box office.  He wasn't sure if either would come- Ryuuki was busy preparing for his trip to Tokyo, and Masuyo might not show just to spite him.  

11th-May-2012 05:22 am (UTC)
They did in fact show up, though Masuyo was particularly sour about it and Ryuuki looked about ready to pass out. Preparations for his trip were so stressful. "What roll is he playing, again?" he asked Masuyo.

"The big one," Masuyo replied as he collected their tickets and headed for their seats. "The one Tamasaburo usually plays."

Ryuu sighed and muttered. He knew Masuyo thought the role should have gone to himself, or at least to Ryuuki, but there was nothing Ryuu could do about that. So he just settled into his seat and tried to keep quiet long enough to get through this so his last few days before going to Tokyo wouldn't be spent being the go-between in a fight between Masuyo and Shido.
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